Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Calls for European Cooperation in Addressing Migration Crisis

In New York, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni highlighted Italy’s inability to address the migration crisis single-handedly. She stressed that the ongoing conflicts in Africa and other regions, such as the situation between Russia and Ukraine, are worsening an already intricate set of challenges, potentially displacing millions of people.

Prime Minister Meloni emphasized the pressing need for a united European response to this urgent issue. She firmly stated her refusal to permit Italy to become Europe’s de facto refugee camp.

Additionally, Meloni invoked the historical significance of the United Nations, an organization pivotal in the fight against slavery. She emphasized that the UN must not permit any form of barbarity, including human trafficking, to resurface. In her upcoming speech at the General Assembly, she intends to launch a campaign against arms trafficking.

In summary, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni stressed that the immigration problem cannot be resolved by Italy alone. She rejected the notion of Italy serving as the sole destination for refugees and emphasized the necessity of a comprehensive European approach to tackle the multifaceted challenges associated with migration.

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