Rasmus Kainulainen’s Unique Gloved Approach to Floorball

Rasmus Kainulainen, a well-known floorball player, surprised everyone this fall by wearing gloves during his matches. Unfortunately, the gloves didn’t bring any magic on Friday night when the team he represents, the Oilers, suffered their first loss of the season in a local game against the Indians.

The Oilers and the Indians, both from Espoo, played an evenly matched game in the men’s F-League. The local contest was finally decided in favor of the visiting team, the Indians, in overtime, with a final score of 6-5.

What made this game stand out was the attention given to Rasmus Kainulainen, a winger known for his entertaining style of play. Kainulainen, aged 26, chose to wear gloves this season while playing, a decision that raised eyebrows.

According to Kainulainen, the gloves offer a better grip on the floorball stick. He first tried them a year ago during a national team camp when he had a blister on his palm. The experiment seemed to work well. This summer, he tried them again for practical reasons when the conditions were hot and sweaty at the Esport Arena, the Oilers’ training venue. He borrowed gloves from another player, and after a successful practice, he decided to stick with them.

The gloves Kainulainen uses are designed for American football but are also used by many indoor bandy goalkeepers. Kainulainen appreciates the improved grip they provide, especially in preventing sweaty hands from affecting his control of the stick.

While Kainulainen’s choice of equipment has raised questions and discussions, especially on social media among young floorball players, he has explained that he can no longer play without them. Many other players have reported similar issues with sweaty hands.

In recent games, Kainulainen has sported gloves in various colors, and he clarified that it’s not a fashion statement but rather a matter of practicality and mood. The color choice simply varies depending on the day, as both pairs eventually develop holes in the palms due to frequent use.

In the game against the Indians, Kainulainen played with white gloves but didn’t manage to score. In contrast, his younger brother, Justus, performed exceptionally well, scoring four goals in the match.

Despite the loss, Kainulainen remains confident in his unique choice of equipment and his skills on the field. The Oilers still lead the F-League with 10 points, and the Indians currently stand at fifth place with eight points in the series.

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