Resurrecting Tradition: Teijo Lindström Takes the Reins at UIT Theater

The renowned Uusi Iloinen Teatteri (UIT) is poised for a comeback, with Finnish singer and entertainment entrepreneur Teijo Lindström taking the reins of this traditional theater. UIT, celebrated for its theatrical productions and famous revues, faced financial troubles, culminating in its parent company, Hakaniemi musiikkiteatteri Oy, declaring bankruptcy in 2022, following a previous bankruptcy in 2010.

Teijo Lindström, who acquired the rights to use the UIT name from Hakaniemi musiikkiteatteri Oy’s bankruptcy estate in March, is committed to upholding UIT’s rich traditions while revitalizing its operations. Despite challenges, Lindström is determined to bring UIT’s performances back to the stage, with plans for a notable spring revue in progress.

Although a spring revue had to be postponed for this year, UIT will shine during the holiday season with three Christmas concerts, including “The Christmas Show,” featuring over 100 performers at the Helsinki Cultural Center and the Sibelius Hall in Lahti. The concert will feature talent like Sonja Lumme, a familiar face from UIT’s revues in the early 2000s, along with No, Kantola, Karoliina Kallio, and Dimitri Keiski.

Lindström envisions expanding UIT’s reach beyond Helsinki, taking its performances to other regions of Finland. Despite the theater’s past financial challenges, his goal is to bring back productions of the same scale and quality as its heyday.

Regarding ensuring the theater’s financial stability, Lindström, drawing on his extensive experience in producing large concert tours, expresses his commitment to safeguarding UIT’s future. He emphasizes that he holds UIT dear and will manage its budget prudently to prevent a recurrence of financial difficulties.

Lindström’s longstanding involvement with the show choir Buffon from Järvenpää, spanning over two decades, highlights his deep connection to the arts.

UIT faced financial losses since 2019, with the parent company, Hakaniemi’s music theater, incurring losses. The financial situation worsened with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to bankruptcy proceedings and ultimately the sale of UIT’s rights to Teijo Lindström.

In this revival under new ownership, UIT aims to recapture the glory of its past, promising to delight audiences once again with its cherished performances and revues.

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