Spanish Elections End in Hung Parliament, Possible Return to the Polls

Spanish voters went to the polls on Sunday in a snap election called by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. The election ended in a hung parliament, with no party winning an outright majority.

The conservative Popular Party (PP) won the most seats, with 136. However, this was not enough to form a government. The Socialist Party (PSOE) came in second with 122 seats, and the left-wing Sumar party won 31 seats.

The result of the election is a setback for Sánchez, who called the snap election in an attempt to increase his majority in Parliament. However, the result has left Spain in political limbo, with no clear path to forming a government.

It is possible that the PP and the PSOE could form a coalition government. However, this would be a difficult task, as the two parties have very different political views. It is also possible that new elections will be held in the coming months.

The hung parliament is a sign of the deep political divisions in Spain. It is unclear how the country will be able to form a government and move forward. However, the election has shown that Spanish voters are demanding change, and it is likely that the political landscape will continue to evolve in the coming months and years.

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