Sunak’s Barge: Bibby Stockholm, the Floating Prison for 500 Asylum Seekers

The Bibby Stockholm is a 500-capacity barge that is being converted into a floating prison for asylum seekers.

Bibby Stockholm bargeOpens in a new window Bibby Stockholm barge.

The barge is currently leaving dry dock and is expected to be operational in the coming months.The Bibby Stockholm is a controversial proposal, with some people criticizing it as a cruel and inhumane way to treat asylum seekers.

The UK government has said that the barge will be used to house asylum seekers who have arrived in the UK illegally.
The barge will be located in Portland, Dorset, and will have capacity for 500 people.The barge will have facilities such as a gym, a games room, and a dining hall.The barge will also have security measures such as fencing and CCTV.

The Bibby Stockholm has been met with criticism from human rights groups, who have called it a “floating prison” and a “symbol of the UK’s hostile environment”. However, the UK government has defended the proposal, saying that it is necessary to deter people from making dangerous journeys across the English Channel.

It remains to be seen how the Bibby Stockholm will be used and how it will be received by asylum seekers. However, it is clear that the barge is a controversial proposal that has the potential to cause further division in the UK.

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