Sustainable Innovation: Swappie and WRÅD’s Eco-Friendly iPhone Carrying Bag

Swappie, a company specializing in the purchase, refurbishment, and sale of iPhones, has introduced an iPhone carrying case in collaboration with WRÅD, an innovative design studio with a strong focus on sustainability. This partnership has resulted in the creation of an accessory crafted from organic cotton reclaimed from excess fabric generated during the production of WRÅD’s eco-friendly jackets treated with beeswax. The choice of this resilient material not only enhances phone protection but also extends the phone’s overall lifespan.

The iPhone bag features an adjustable shoulder strap with recycled cotton buttons for length adjustment, two pockets designed for holding cards or documents, and a rolled closure secured with a lace fastening. This deliberate choice excludes zippers or non-functional closures to ensure the product can be fully recycled at the end of its life cycle.

Elena Garbujo, Country Manager Italy at Swappie, emphasized the significance of the collaboration with WRÅD, combining technology and design in everyday life. She underscored the accessory’s role in highlighting their commitment to important issues, such as responsible product design, aiming to encourage behaviors that extend the life of everyday objects.

The iPhone carrying bag will be available starting September 19th, exclusively for customers purchasing an iPhone from Swappie’s Premium Series, known for their 100% battery capacity and absence of cosmetic defects, ensuring a high-quality user experience.

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