Swedish National Team’s Roller Skiing Absences Spark Concerns for the Sport’s Future

According to an article from The Observatorial, almost the entire Swedish national team missed the recent roller skiing competitions, which has led to criticism from SVT and raised concerns about the status of the sport. World stars like Frida Karlsson, Jonna Sundling, Ebba Andersson, Linn Svahn, William Poromaa, and Emma Ribom were among those who missed the race in UmeƄ.In a separate article from ProXCskiing, it was reported that skier Dahlqvist had previously been out of the Swedish National Team but had regained her place for the upcoming season, while Bolger had lost his position on the team.In 2016, Swedish ski star Charlotte Kalla left the national team to train alone, citing a disappointing 2016 season.

A New York Times article from 2017 tells the story of Adrian Solano, a Venezuelan skier who had never trained on snow before competing in the Nordic world ski championships in Finland. Solano had practiced for five hours a day on weekends on roller skis in South America, hoping to one day represent Venezuela on actual snow.Finally, the FIS Rollerski World Cup took place in Norway in June 2023.

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