The Golden Harvest: Unearthing a Civil War Treasure in a Cornfield

The Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT) will release a series of three coins to commemorate the centenary of the death of the Valencian painter JoaquĆ­n Sorolla. The series includes one gold and two silver coins, all of which represent a total of six of Sorolla’s works. The coins are not the first commemorative coins to be released, as there have been many others in the past, such as the Boys Town Centennial Silver Dollar Coin and the First Flight Centennial Commemorative Silver Dollar Coin.

The Royal Mint also releases annual sets of coins to celebrate key events and anniversaries throughout the year, with the 2023 Annual Set including coins celebrating and commemorating various events and people, such as the 75th Birthday of His Majesty King Charles III and the Centenary of Flying Scotsman. The Japan Mint has also issued commemorative coins in the past, such as the Diet Centennial Silver Coin and the Enthronement of the Emperor Gold Coin.

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