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Wolfgang Pichler, a German biathlon and cross-country skiing coach, has a vision for Ruhpolding in relation to the Biathlon World Cup. Here are some key points about his vision:The stadium in Ruhpolding is firmly established as a prominent location for winter sports.In 2012, the World Cup held in Ruhpolding attracted 250,000 spectators over nine days.

The new stadium in Ruhpolding offers a great view of the shooting range.Wolfgang Pichler, as the head coach of the Swedish biathletes, has spoken at press conferences for the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding.

Ruhpolding is Pichler’s hometown, and he has a strong connection to the area.Unfortunately, the search results do not provide specific details about Wolfgang Pichler’s vision for Ruhpolding in the context of the Biathlon World Cup.

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