Unveiling Herstory: Women and Feminisms in the Chronicles and Collections of Monsiváis

The Museo del Estanquillo in Mexico City has opened an exhibition titled “Women and feminisms in the chronicles and collections of Monsiváis”. The exhibition explores the feminist aspect of the journalist Carlos Monsiváis, who fought alongside women. It aims to move consciences thanks to an exhaustive search for the thought of Carlos Monsiváis. The exhibition is part of the post-Revolution cultural renaissance and early feminist movement of Mexico. It is not related to the National Women’s History Museum’s exhibition on DC Black Feminists and their Influence on National Policy or the exhibition curated by Glynnis Reed-Conway on Black feminism at Penn State.

The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics will hold a conference on “The Inseparable Women and the Prehistory of Lesbianism in Mexico,” which will include an exhibition of artwork and published books.

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