Wagner Mercenary Recruitment Comes to a Halt

According to several news sources, the Russian mercenary group Wagner has stopped recruiting prisoners to fight in Ukraine. The founder of the group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced that Wagner would no longer recruit fighters in Russian prisons, which has been a controversial practice that has raised criticism from human rights groups. Wagner has been known for its ruthless tactics and harsh discipline, and its recruitment of prisoners has helped Moscow make advances in Ukraine‚Äôs east. However, it is unclear whether Wagner has completely stopped recruiting prisoners, as it has been difficult to independently confirm Prigozhin’s claim.

In addition to ending its prison recruitment program, Wagner will also reduce the number of fighters it has deployed in Ukraine. The move may be part of a growing backlash against Prigozhin from the Russian security services, and it is unclear what impact it will have on Wagner’s operations in Ukraine.

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