Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro: New ‘Capture Button’ and Camera Innovations Revealed

Apple recently introduced the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, but discussions about the potential features of the iPhone 16 Pro are already underway. Leaked information hints at a new internal button referred to as the “Capture button” that might be a key highlight of the iPhone 16, expected to launch in September 2024.

While it’s too early to confirm all the details about the iPhone 16, it’s worth noting that Apple plans its mobile devices well in advance, so these early specifications could hold some truth.

The “Capture button” is anticipated to be a capacitive button, which means it won’t physically move when pressed. Instead, it will detect pressure levels and provide feedback through subtle vibrations generated by small haptic motors. This button will also feature force sensors, similar to the Touch ID technology, to gauge the applied pressure accurately.

Interestingly, rumors suggest that unlike the previous ‘action button,’ which was exclusive to the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max, the ‘capture button’ could be a standard feature across all versions of the iPhone 16.

Apple had considered replacing physical buttons with capacitive ones in the iPhone 15, such as the volume and power buttons, but this idea was abandoned due to quality testing and component issues.

Reports also indicate that the iPhone 16 might continue the trend of capacitive or solid-state buttons for actions like power, volume, and capturing, with haptic motors providing tactile feedback.

There is some debate about whether this technology will be reserved for the Pro models of the iPhone 16, with some analysts remaining skeptical about its widespread adoption.

In a noteworthy development, it’s been suggested that the most advanced model in the iPhone 16 lineup, the iPhone 16 Pro Max, could feature a periscope camera with a super telephoto lens, significantly extending the optical zoom distance to over 300mm. If this comes to fruition, it would represent a significant enhancement in Apple’s smartphone camera capabilities, particularly for scenarios like sports events or portrait photography, where background isolation is crucial for emphasizing the main subject.

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