Talenom Expands in Spain with Acquisition of Sant Cugat Consulting and Gesgal Asesores

Talenom, the accounting office based in Finland, is set to bolster its presence in Spain through the acquisition of two well-established Spanish accounting firms, Sant Cugat Consulting and Gesgal Asesores. The integration of these companies into Talenom is slated for October 1.

Sant Cugat Consulting, located north of Barcelona in the Sabadell district and in Sant Cugat del Vallès, along with Gesgal Asesores, operating in the Galicia region of A Coruña, specialize in offering comprehensive accounting, payroll, and consulting services primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The financial particulars of these acquisitions reveal that Sant Cugat Consulting contributes an annual turnover of approximately 1.3 million euros, while Gesgal Asesores brings in around 0.5 million euros. These firms also bring a skilled workforce to Talenom, with Sant Cugat Consulting employing 17 individuals and Gesgal Asesores employing five.

Despite the substantial expansion of Talenom’s portfolio, the immediate impact on its financial standing or future outlook is anticipated to be minimal. This strategic move reflects Talenom’s commitment to extending its global reach and providing enhanced accounting solutions to businesses in Spain.

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