Capturing the Essence of Dance: The Photography of David Flores Rubio

Photographer David Flores Rubio has embarked on a mission to kindle interest in the world of dance through his captivating photographs. His latest exhibition, “Danzography,” is currently on display at Malafama Hall in the Condesa neighborhood, showcasing 30 photographs that capture the essence of various dancers and dance forms.

Flores Rubio’s work has a dual purpose: to inspire people to attend live dance performances and to provide visibility to this art form. In an interview, he emphasized, “My photography aims to encourage people to attend live dance performances. Much of my work is used for promotional posters for dance groups and performers, focusing on giving visibility to this art.”

His journey into dance photography began 15 years ago when he started attending dance festivals and rehearsals in Hermosillo, Sonora. He was exposed to the work of dance companies like Quiatora Monorriel and Antares, which ignited his passion for dance and led him to become a specialist in this genre.

As he delved deeper into the discipline of dance, Flores Rubio recognized the importance of showcasing dancers’ work. He believes that increased visibility is vital for the growth of this art form, as it translates into larger audiences in theaters. He stated, “For me, it is vital to make visible what dancers do, as it contributes significantly to their artistic growth by attracting more audiences to theaters.”

Flores Rubio’s photographs go beyond capturing movements; they convey the freedom and essence of the performers. His images reveal the strength, muscles, and graceful fluidity of the dancers while preserving their delicacy and sensuality.

In his studio, Flores Rubio creates a welcoming space for dancers, complete with props designed to showcase their unique talents. He explained, “My goal, when a dancer arrives at the studio, is for them to use me to take a self-portrait that reflects their essence.”

What sets Flores Rubio apart as a photographer is his genuine interest in dancers and his commitment to creating compelling posters that draw audiences into the world of dance. He emphasized, “My ultimate goal is to be a dance photographer, encompassing various dance forms beyond just ballet or contemporary dance. In the exhibition, you’ll find photos of Cuban folklore dancers, ballet dancers, and performers from diverse traditions.”

Through his lens, Flores Rubio captures the magic of fleeting moments and the artistry of performers like Claudia Lavista, Yansi Méndez, Paola Hernández, Rosalí Arias, Marién Pérez, Estefi Villa, Carolina Patiño, Yabil Recamier, Walter Sarez, and Lupillo, among others.

Flores Rubio’s photography reminds us that a single image can leave a lasting impact and captivate viewers. In today’s world of countless visual messages, it’s the power of artistry and dance that truly stands out.

The exhibition “Danzography” by David Flores Rubio is a must-visit, located at the Salón Malafama in the Condesa neighborhood (Michoacán 78). It will run until November, offering ample opportunities to immerse yourself in the world of dance through his lens.

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