Munich Team Triumphs 4-0 in Cup Match Amidst Fireworks and Surprises

The Munich team displayed their dedication with a commanding 4-0 victory over the third-division side, SC Preußen Münster. In a surprising move, their coach, Thomas Tuchel, chose to field a team without a central defender, and unfortunately, the game witnessed an injury as Serge Gnabry broke his arm.

Much like delays that can disrupt Deutsche Bahn trains, major football matches often encounter interruptions and waiting times. Prior to the kickoff of the first-round cup clash between Preußen Münster and FC Bayern, the stadium had to clear the smoke from fireworks set off by the home fans. The stadium announcer made a plea: “We kindly ask everyone to refrain from using pyrotechnic devices.” Nevertheless, the fans responded with enthusiasm, exclaiming “Happy New Year!” as they continued to light fireworks.

It appeared that the Preußen Münster fans were well aware that when facing the formidable Bavarian giants, the pre-match festivities promised more excitement than the actual game itself.

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