Chavismo’s Move to Designate New CNE Signals Intent to Boycott Opposition Primaries

Chavismo, the ruling party in Venezuela, plans to designate a new CNE (Electoral Board) to boycott or dismantle the primary elections of the opposition and have absolute control in the process. The government-controlled National Assembly is expected to accept the resignation of at least some members of the Electoral Board. The opposition, on the other hand, plans to hold primary elections in October 2023 to select a single candidate to rival Nicolas Maduro in the 2024 presidential election.

However, the lack of fair electoral conditions has prompted some opposition leaders to encourage boycotts over the past two decades. Despite this, the various parties and opposition factions have been working for months to reach agreements to hold the first primary since 2012. The lack of clarity about the upcoming primary election in Venezuela ahead of the presidential election against Nicolás Maduro is still a concern.

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