Nuclear Diplomacy Unveiled: Potential Outcomes of the US-Iran Deal

If the US and Iran sign the nuclear deal, the following might happen:
Prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon: The deal removes the key elements needed to create a bomb and prolongs Iran’s breakout time from 2-3 months to 1 year or more if Iran broke its commitments. Reduce the prospects for conflict: Proponents of the deal said that it would help prevent a revival of Iran’s nuclear weapons program and thereby reduce the prospects for conflict between Iran and its regional rivals, including Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Robust monitoring of all its nuclear facilities: Under the deal, Iran will allow robust monitoring of all its nuclear facilities. In addition, Iran made commitments in this deal that include prohibitions on key research and development activities that it would need to design and construct a nuclear weapon.
Lifting of nuclear-related sanctions: The U.S. and international community can begin lifting its nuclear-related sanctions on Iran.

Uncertainty: The fate of the nuclear deal remains uncertain. JCPOA signatories began talks to bring Washington and Tehran back into the agreement in April 2021, but renewed diplomacy initially seemed promising, but after stop-and-go talks, it remains unclear if the parties can come to an agreement.

More enriched Uranium and much less trust: Since the US pulled out of the nuclear deal, Iran has resumed some of its nuclear activities, including enriching more Uranium, and there is much less trust between the two countries.Restoration of the deal: Iran and the United States have inched closer to an agreement on restoring their 2015 nuclear deal after 16 months of painstaking negotiations, but everything could hinge on what happens in the coming days.

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