Helsinki Stock Exchange Sees Positive Rally Led by Financials, Tech, and Commodities

The Helsinki Stock Exchange experienced an upturn on Monday, with the OMXH25 index closing up by 1.2%. Leading this rally were financial stocks, but Mandatum Life faced a significant setback, starting the day at a value below four euros.

Mandatum Life’s share price plummeted by 10.5% to 3.87 euros, making it the most significant decliner on the OMXH25 index. The company had been under pressure for the past few months due to concerns about its vulnerability to rising interest rates.

Despite the decline in Mandatum Life’s share price, the overall sentiment on the Helsinki Stock Exchange was positive. Other financial stocks that performed well included Nordea Bank, which saw a 2.3% increase, and OP Financial Group, which rose by 1.7%.

Additionally, technology stocks had a strong performance on Monday, with Nokia rising by 2.5% and Elisa by 1.8%. The technology sector has been a shining light on the Helsinki Stock Exchange this year, with numerous technology stocks outperforming the broader market.

The energy and forestry sectors were also notable winners on Monday, with Neste Oil gaining 3.2% and Stora Enso rising by 2.8%. These sectors have benefited from the recent surge in commodity prices.

In summary, it was a positive day for the Helsinki Stock Exchange, which saw the OMXH25 index closing up by 1.2%. Financial, technology, energy, and forestry stocks all had strong performances.


The upturn on the Helsinki Stock Exchange on Monday was primarily attributed to the robust performance of financial stocks. These stocks had been under pressure in recent months due to concerns about increasing interest rates. However, on Monday, investor sentiment turned more optimistic regarding the prospects of financial stocks. Several factors likely contributed to this, including expectations that the US Federal Reserve would slow down its interest rate hikes and the fact that financial stocks became more attractive to investors as their valuations declined.

The technology sector’s strong performance is in line with its performance throughout the year. Technology stocks have consistently outperformed the broader market, as investors seek companies positioned to benefit from the long-term growth of the digital economy.

The energy and forestry sectors also saw gains, driven by the recent increase in commodity prices. These sectors tend to perform well when the economy is growing, and the rise in commodity prices can be attributed to factors such as the conflict in Ukraine and high demand for commodities from China.


The outlook for the Helsinki Stock Exchange is positive. The Finnish economy is expected to grow in 2023, which should support corporate earnings growth. Moreover, many Finnish stocks are trading below their long-term average valuations, making them relatively inexpensive.

However, there are risks to consider. The war in Ukraine poses a risk of an extended economic downturn in Europe, which could negatively impact Finnish companies. Additionally, rising interest rates could slow economic growth and increase borrowing costs for Finnish companies.

In conclusion, while the outlook is generally favorable for the Helsinki Stock Exchange, investors should remain cautious and mindful of potential risks in the market.

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