HWG Sababa: A Powerful Force in Cybersecurity Emerges

The establishment of the new company, HWG Sababa, has been formally announced following an agreement between two prominent entities in the cybersecurity sector. HWG, known for its expertise in providing managed services and cybersecurity consultancy, has joined hands with Sababa Security, a leading supplier of integrated cybersecurity solutions safeguarding IT, OT, and IoT environments. This partnership forms a robust Italian entity poised to tackle the growing challenges in the national and international cybersecurity arena.

HWG Sababa’s core objective is to consolidate its position as a cybersecurity authority in Italy and the Mediterranean region by leveraging the strengths of both companies. This collaboration enables the company to cater to a broader range of security needs with specialized services. Operating in over 20 countries worldwide, HWG Sababa’s team of experts tirelessly monitors digital landscapes to thwart cyber threats and safeguard the digital infrastructure of organizations across various sectors, including finance, fashion, automotive, manufacturing, industrial, energy and utilities, telecommunications, and central banking.

At the heart of HWG Sababa’s cybersecurity strategy are its proprietary Security Operations Centers (SOCs), strategically located to play a central role in the continuous monitoring of customer security. These SOCs are dedicated to preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cyber threats. With the backing of the Investcorp Fund, the majority shareholder of HWG Sababa, the company is poised for ambitious growth, mirroring the substantial organizational growth Sababa has experienced in recent years. This underscores its commitment to further expansion through strategic acquisitions within the Italian and international cybersecurity landscape.

Alessio Aceti, CEO of HWG Sababa, expressed his excitement about this strategic merger, stating, “With two decades of experience in the cybersecurity sector, the amalgamation of these two companies elevates our market presence. HWG Sababa marks the beginning of a new journey aimed at strengthening our longstanding relationship. Our global footprint will expand, and our focus remains on the future. We aim to support national institutions by creating projects and National Laboratories dedicated to the analysis of cyber threats, enabling us to predict and prevent cyber attacks before impacting our clients. Our goal is to protect critical infrastructure, assess business risks, improve security postures, and ensure business continuity.”

Enrico Orlandi, President of HWG Sababa, added, “Together with Sababa, we can now offer our clients a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity services covering the entire value chain process. The merger of these two entities will propel us to become a prominent player in the Mediterranean cybersecurity landscape. Our combined expertise will empower us to provide robust cybersecurity solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.” In summary, the birth of HWG Sababa represents a significant milestone in the realm of cybersecurity, combining experience, innovation, and ambition to deliver enhanced protection in an increasingly digitized world.

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