Miraculous Release: Kidnapped Catholic Priest in Nigeria Safely Freed

On April 15, Father Michael Ifeanyi Asomugha, the curate of St. Paul’s parish in the Okigwe Diocese, was kidnapped in Nigeria and later released. Similarly, on May 19, Father Jude Kingsley Maduka, a Nigerian priest serving in the Okigwe Diocese, was also kidnapped and freed after three days of captivity. Another priest, Joseph Azubuike, was kidnapped on July 10 and has since been released.

Unfortunately, there have been cases where kidnapped priests in Nigeria have been found dead, such as the case of Father John Mark Cheitnum, who was found murdered.

The situation in Nigeria has seen a surge of violence orchestrated by gangs, who carry out indiscriminate attacks, kidnappings for ransom, and in some cases, commit murder. The Catholic Church and bishops in Nigeria have been actively working to secure the release of kidnapped priests, with Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah seeking the release of a priest from his Sokoto diocese.

It is important to note that the security situation in Nigeria, particularly regarding kidnappings, remains a concern. The Nigerian security forces, who are already stretched fighting an Islamist insurgency in the northeast, often struggle to prevent these attacks.

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