Sergio Massa Holds Meeting with Japanese Representatives, Seeks Support for IMF Board

There are several sources that mention Sergio Massa’s interaction with representatives from Japan and his request for support on the IMF Board. Here is a summary of the information:
According to Economy sources, Sergio Massa, the Economy Minister, asked for help from representatives of Japan regarding the IMF negotiation that is currently taking place.

The IMF Members’ Quotas and Voting Power page shows that Japan has a significant quota and voting power within the IMF. This suggests that their support on the IMF Board could be influential.
Sergio Massa’s election bid for the presidency of Argentina has put IMF staff in a bind, as he is simultaneously renegotiating a $44 billion deal with the International Monetary Fund.

Sergio Massa himself is unsure if he will remain in his role as Economy Minister during the election, indicating a potential shift in responsibilities.

In a previous meeting between the Paris Club creditors and the Government of Argentina, Sergio Massa led the delegation of the Argentine Republic as the Minister of Economy.Based on these sources, it appears that Sergio Massa did meet with representatives from Japan and requested their support on the IMF Board.

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