Munich Welcomes Conference of European Rabbis to Historic Jewish Setting

On Tuesday, a significant event took place in Munich as the Conference of European Rabbis inaugurated its new offices in a building with historical ties to the Jewish community. The decision to relocate the office from London to Munich followed the shifting geopolitical landscape post-Brexit.

Susan Drucks, the building manager, expressed her enthusiasm about the return of the Jewish presence to this location, stating, “It’s inspiring that in a place that once belonged to Jews, they are now returning with a rabbinical center that will preserve Jewish heritage and contribute to preventing atrocities like the Holocaust from happening again.”

Among the attendees were a couple of Christians from Munich who emphasized the importance of unity and remembrance: “We collaborate with the Jews of Munich on various activities and events. The horrors of the Holocaust must never be forgotten. Understanding that there is no difference between us and Jews is essential, and therefore, we must work together to combat the growing phenomenon of anti-Semitism. With the Conference of European Rabbis now in Munich, we hope to learn more about Jews and be better equipped to fight anti-Semitism.”

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the Conference of Rabbis of Europe, underscored the symbolic significance of establishing the main headquarters in Munich: “The relocation of our headquarters to Munich and the opening of the Center for Jewish Life of the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) symbolize hope and send a message to all the dark forces that threaten the Jewish people. Munich, a place with a tragic history, today presents a thriving Jewish life. This development demonstrates that anti-Semitism will not succeed or rise again. We extend our gratitude to the Prime Minister of Bavaria and his government for their commitment.”

Dr. Florian Herrmann, Member of Parliament, Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery, and Minister of State for Federal Affairs and Communications, expressed his delight at the Conference of European Rabbis finding a home in Bavaria: “The Conference of European Rabbis has now arrived in the heart of Munich. Witnessing another symbol of Jewish faith finding a home in Bavaria is a great honor. We are committed to safeguarding Jewish life in Bavaria, and ‘Never again’ is our guiding principle in politics and society. Bavaria provides substantial support of 1.5 million euros annually to the new ‘Jewish Life Center,’ making a visible stand against anti-Semitism and promoting Jewish culture and history. We are determined to ensure that Jewish life, in all its richness and diversity, finds a permanent home in Bavaria.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Piazzolo, Member of Parliament and Minister of Education and Culture in Bavaria, stressed the commitment to combat anti-Semitism: “We will not tolerate hatred, intolerance, or anti-Semitism in our schools. Our teachers in Bavaria have received training to address anti-Semitic incidents, and they have recently been supported in their efforts against anti-Semitism with a new web portal. Our regional representatives for democracy and tolerance also play a crucial role—they not only focus on prevention but also intervene when incidents occur. This approach is unique in Germany.”

Dr. Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Jewish community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, emphasized the importance of cooperation: “With the arrival of the Conference of European Rabbis, Munich strengthens its position as the capital of Jewish life in Europe. Today, the heart of European Jewry beats in Bavaria. As the president of the Jewish community in Munich, I look forward to deepening our collaboration with the Conference of European Rabbis. To strengthen the Jewish presence in Europe and combat hatred against Jews, we must join forces, and that is precisely what we intend to do.”

The inauguration ceremony included distinguished guests and speakers such as Dr. Charlotte Knobloch, Dr. Florian Herrmann, Prof. Dr. Michael Piazzolo, Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, Katrin Hebenschen, Dr. Ludwig Spanella, Jul. Apello, Dr. Boris Mints, Dayan Menachem Jelli, Thomas Göring, Dr. Wolfgang Jubisch, and Talia Ledor-Perscher, the Consul General of the State of Israel

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