Parliamentary Inquiry, Rule Changes, and Debt Collector Regulations: Croatian Legislative Agenda This Week

For the second time this year, Zlata Hrvoj Šipek, the Chief State Attorney, will face parliamentary questioning, with the opposition collecting signatures to bring her to Parliament. The focus of the inquiry is to understand the workings of the Office of the State Attorney (DORH) in the previous year and why no one applied for the vacant position of director of USKOK after Vanja Marušić’s resignation in April. The discussion will also address amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, expanding the power to propose changes to all representatives. Additionally, a law introducing new regulations for debt collectors will be debated, emphasizing restrictions on communication with debtors and protecting their rights. Other topics on the parliamentary agenda include a request by Anka Slonjšak, the ombudsman for persons with disabilities, to be relieved of her duties due to her worsening health condition, amendments to various laws, and the law on constituencies for the election of representatives to the Croatian Parliament.

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