The Soaring Cost: Unveiling the Rising Prices of Cultural Events and Books

The price of cultural events and books can rise due to various factors. Here are some relevant points from the sources : Value Added Tax (VAT): A four percentage point increase in VAT can increase the price of cultural events and books.

Market value: The publishing sector is one of the largest culture industries in Europe, with a total market value estimated at €36-38 billion.Employment: The book value chain, including authors, booksellers, printers, designers, etc., is estimated to employ more than half a million people in Europe.Digital shift: The book sector has suffered from a slow adaptation to the digital shift, which has affected its competitiveness.

Decline in literary reading: The book sector has also experienced a steady decline in literary reading, which has further impacted its recovery and competitiveness. Support from the European Union: The European Union provides support to the book sector through funding, dialogue, and regulations, such as the Creative Europe program that provides co-financing to publishers to encourage the sector’s recovery and competitiveness.

Type of book: The price of a book can vary depending on its type, such as a hardback or ebook. Event type: The price of cultural events can vary depending on the type of event, such as free events or ticketed events.

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