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The number of Finns earning their living from agriculture has decreased dramatically in just over a decade. According to the Natural Resources Center of statistics, the number of Finnish farms has plummeted from around 59,500 in 2010 to just over 43,600 in 2022, marking a notable decrease of 27 percent. The steadily decreasing portion of the labor force working in agriculture is indicative of the sector’s declining role in Finland’s economy. Much land has been taken out of agricultural production, and most farms consist of smallholdings. Animal husbandry in Finland traditionally concentrated on the raising of dairy cattle, but cuts were made after years of overproduction. As a result, the number of milk cows has declined.

The keeping of pigs, poultry, and reindeer also is important, while sheep farming and beekeeping are of minor economic significance. Due to severe winters and a short growing season, Finland relies heavily on imports of agricultural and food products.

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