Tragic Bombardment: Sudanese Army Strikes Near Khartoum, Claiming Twenty Lives

A bombardment by the Sudanese Army in the vicinity of Khartoum has left at least twenty dead. The conflict between the Sudanese Army and the paramilitary group RSF has been ongoing since April 15, 2023, and has resulted in over 1,133 deaths according to the Ministry of Health. Explosions and gunfire have been reported in the vicinity of Sudan’s army headquarters, the defense ministry, and the airport in Khartoum. The death toll from the conflict has been reported to be as high as 185 people, with many more bodies uncollected in the streets. The conflict has resulted in many Khartoum residents becoming accidental undertakers to stop corpses from being left on the streets.

The conflict in Sudan has been ongoing for several years and has been caused by a combination of factors. The primary cause of tension was the civilian demand for oversight of the military and the integration of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) into the regular Sudanese army. The conflict has been exacerbated by Sudan’s history of political instability, infighting, and humanitarian crises. The ongoing confrontation between the military and the RSF undermines stability in Sudan and the Horn of Africa. The conflict has also been fueled by attempts to control territories along the border between the North and South, in particular, in South Kordofan, the Blue Nile, and Abyei. Sudan’s stability is essential to the broader region, and the current conflict could have significant repercussions for neighboring nations such as Ethiopia, Chad, and South Sudan.

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